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Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross Laminated Timber offers a green, sustainable building platform for Single-family, Institutional, Commercial and Multi-family projects.

Faster construction, better living quality with a environmentally friendly product - sustainable harvested wood!

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About Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross Laminated Timber is comprised of lengths of dimensional lumber (2x4, 2x6, 2x8) that are fingerjointed, then set upon a large table at lengths up to 45 feet and widths of up to 10 feet. A glue is applied to the surface of the wood and then another layer is put on top cross-wise. This process is repeated until 3-5 layers are complete. At this point the wood is subjected to intense pressure from above and the glue dries forming a very strong bond and a panel of solid wood is created. The cross lamination, strength of the wood and the pressure creates a stable and structurally sound panel that is used for building components such as floors, walls, ceilings and more!  Successful completed projects have yielded the incredible use of these panels for 10 story high rise buildings!

Where is CLT used?

The Cross Laminated Timber is in use today all across Europe and is celebrated as a breakthrough in construction because of it's versatility, ease of use, fast construction and provides a fantastic living quality because of  wood's natural ability for humidity control.  The uses of the product itself are as a floor system to support the structure, as walls, providing sound and structural properties and as roof components for structural and non-structural support.

How fast is CLT?

Because the wall, floors and ceilings are pre-fabricated whole, construction speed is a fraction of concrete, and of course, more environmentally friendly! Entire houses can be completed in one day, commercial projects are usually done in a week, industrial projects in a few weeks and high rises are completed in a few short months. Imagine constructing a building that would normally take a year or more in three months! one of the huge advantages with CLT is that in areas with a short building window such as Northern or Southern climates where temperatures do not permit year-round building, CLT can get you to lock-up fast!

What does CLT cost?

CLT typically costs more than stick frame and less than concrete. However, if you compare the speed, vesatility and living quality, there is no comparision. As each project is different, we would be happy to provide general quotations on request and detailed quotations upon contract.

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